Now is the time to plan for the future

A last will and testament is something most people need, but many do not have. For more than a quarter century, we have been helping families protect their assets and prepare properly to transfer those assets without burdening their families. We are skilled and experienced in setting up a variety of planning instruments.

Wills and trusts

We are skilled in the drafting of wills and trusts necessary to protect your assets and control the disposition of your estate at your death. You should expect to make two visits to our office in connection with preparation of your will, about two weeks apart. We strive to listen closely to your wishes, and to accurately draft the documents necessary to give effect to your wishes in the form of an understandable and efficient estate plan.  We can prepare your will, codicil, testamentary or inter vivos trust and other instruments needed to accomplish your objectives. 

Powers of Attorney

Your estate planning should in most cases include appointment of a trusted individual by power of attorney to handle business for your benefit in the event of your incompetence or disability. We can assist with preparation of a power of attorney at a very reasonable cost. 

Living wills

Many individuals elect to execute a living will or other suitable declaration to express their desires in the event of a terminal illness or other circumstances when death is imminent. Respect for life sometimes includes respect for the right of the terminally ill person to die naturally, without the application of extraordinary or heroic measures which only serve to artificially prolong the length rather than the quality of life. 

Living trusts

We are able to evaluate your circumstances and your probable estate to help you decide whether a living trust or revocable trust may be useful in planning your estate. If a living trust is warranted, we are able to draft the necessary documents. 

Estate planning

Estate planning often includes plans for lifetime gifts of money or property, including deeds of real estate to children or grandchildren. Mature consideration of the potential benefits, risks and effects of such gifts is recommended before deciding whether such gifts may be advisable under your particular circumstances. If you wish to make such gifts, we can help you with the preparation, execution, and recording, when necessary, of the deeds or other transfer instruments.