Experience matters during difficult times

Our divorce practice consists of an unusual mix of simple and complex divorce cases. With 25 years of experience, we have developed sound and efficient procedures using forms and technology to help us complete uncontested divorce cases quickly and cost effectively.

Uncontested divorces

Cooperation of your spouse is not necessary to obtain a divorce, but we believe if your spouse is cooperative, and the parties have reached an agreement, this should reduce both the cost, and the time, necessary to obtain a divorce.  We believe if your case is agreed, and your spouse is cooperative, you should benefit from the cost-saving and time-saving procedures we recommend. 

High-asset divorces and property settlements

If your divorce case involves a substantial amount of property or income subject to distribution, it will require research and preparation commensurate with the amount at stake. 

We use economic analysis to help you prepare a complete list of all assets and income subject to division. We will help you prepare to negotiate if a settlement may be possible, and we will be prepared to present your case very effectively to the court if a settlement is not reached, so that you may obtain the best possible result. We cannot guarantee any result, but we will give our best effort to help you understand the issues, develop the strengths of your case, and deal effectively with any weaknesses.

We do not handle divorces involving contested child custody and support.