Helping you navigate the real estate market

The Law Office of Alan Caudell handles more than 100 closings per year, primarily for the city of Galax, Carroll County and Grayson County. We work collaboratively to protect you and to complete your closing in a timely fashion. If you are working with a real estate sales professional, we will prepare all necessary documents for your closing, and we will coordinate efforts to satisfy all requirements of your contract, whether you may be the seller or the buyer. 

We handle numerous cash closings, but many of our clients secure loans through banks or other lending institutions. We are experienced in concluding the loan process through the execution and explanation of the loan documents at closing. If necessary, we may be able to complete a closing with you in a remote location. Your lender may require title insurance, and we can assist you in obtaining title insurance to satisfy this loan requirement. 

If you have negotiated directly with a buyer or seller to reach an agreement to sell or buy a home or unimproved parcel, we can prepare a contract at a reasonable cost, or you may proceed directly to closing. We can prepare the closing documents for cash closing or for owner financing, including your deed, note, deed of trust, settlement statement and any other documentation necessary to complete your transaction.  

If you are not getting a loan, you should have a title examination. We can check the title documents recorded for Grayson County, Carroll County or the city of Galax. We can furnish a written title report, or we can obtain an owner’s policy of title insurance for you.